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(Sun-Herald - 6 Nov 2011)
(travel.ninemsn - 
30 Aug 2012)
10 Amazing Australian hikes
(CNN Travel - 
20 Sept 2012)

(Le Pan - 
4 Aug 2015)
Bruce Holmes - freelance travel writer and photographer 
Published Writing Clips
Here are samples of my published work that show my ability to write in a variety of different styles, dependent upon the editor's needs, and to create photo galleries around a theme or narrative ...
links to publishers' web pages:
(a narrative-style article which saw Bruce selected as a finalist at the 2008 Australian Society of Travel Writers  Awards in the Travel Writer of the Year - Best Travel Journey category)
(a round-up style piece)
(examples of writing structured for web users)
(an example of the personal anecdote type of piece)
(examples of photo galleries for online publications, created around a narrative or a theme)
(a feature examining a specific tourist facility - my words with the gallery's images - pdf file)




Bruce Holmes is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in the Hunter Valley just north of Sydney, Australia.
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