Bruce Holmes - freelance travel writer and photographer 

Bruce Holmes - the storyteller

So how did I come to be a travel writer and photographer and a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers? Childhood immersion had something to do with it. With my father in Britain's Royal Navy and mother being Australian we were always on the move - before I was six years old.

Later, with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sydney University, I taught secondary English and spent many a vacation departing for foreign climes, eventually deciding that after all that time reading other people's words, I should be writing a few of my own.

But those words are always about the story, about the experience. I am moved by Alfred Lord Tennyson’s idea in "Ulysses":

"I am a part of all that I have met;

Yet all experience is an arch wherethro'

Gleams that untravelled world."

You may well find me pulling the boots on, trekking the Larapinta Trail or Overland Track or toiling along the ruined stretches of China’s Great Wall.

Sometimes I follow others’ footsteps, perhaps on a ghost walk in Old Quebec behind some atmospheric storyteller or traipsing around Ireland to places that featured in the life of W.B. Yeats.

I’m a lover of trains, from the Ghan and Indian Pacific to the legendary Trans-Mongolian Railway. Some of these have made for journey-style photo essays – yes I am photographer as well.

It's always my intention in writing and photographing to capture not only the places I've visited but the experiences of the traveller.

My travel articles and photographs have appeared in a broad range of publications around the world, details of which can be seen in the Client Lists for travel writing or photography.
Bruce Holmes is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in the Hunter Valley just north of Sydney, Australia.
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