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Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is very simple. I do not gather any personal information from you. If by chance I should learn personal information about you, like your email address if you email me, I will not share that information with anyone else. Nor will I send you any spam.

However, you should be aware that I am not responsible for information that may be gathered by ad networks, affiliates, or advertisers. Nor am I responsible for any of the "cookies" that advertising networks and traffic-measurement services may place in your "temporary internet files" directory to keep track (for example) of whether you've previously visited the site or seen an ad. And while I don't track IP addresses, which are the Internet Protocol numbers temporarily or permanently assigned to your network or computer by Internet service providers, companies such as Google may do so for purposes of traffic measuring and analysis.

For that reason I have included a link to the privacy policy of Google below, and will include links to any other privacy policies if they become relevant.


This policy page was last updated on 4 June 2017.

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